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Assetto Corsa

Click on an image to view the full size render and then right-click on that to save it.

Ferrari 312T (Niki Lauda)
1976 saw Ferrari produce the 312T to be driven by Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni.
The season saw the infamous duel betwen Lauda and British playboy James Hunt and also inspired the movie RUSH in 2013.
The 312T would take 6 wins that season, 5 to Lauda and 1 to Regazzoni.
However during the season, in the 10th round, Lauda crashed his car at the notorious Nordschliefe circuit which caused the car to be engulfed in flames and Lauda to be badly burned and critically ill.
Ferrari, reeling from the shock pulled out of the following race in Austria.
Incredibly, Lauda stunned doctors with his recovery and was back in the car 2 races later in Italy where he finished in 4th place.
Hunt won the title that year by 1 point over Lauda.
The Ferrari 312T has cemented is place in history not necessarily for the reasons Ferrari or Lauda would have liked.

The Ferrari 312T can now be virtually driven by you in the Assetto Corsa racing simulator by Kunos Simulazioni (available on Steam).

6 renders @ 1920x1200.

Car created by: Kunos Simulazioni.



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